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The 4 surprising things we discovered when we stopped marketing for 5 months

Kai Madrone
March 22, 2022



Hello, again!

How have the last 5 months been for you? Here at The Paradigm Shift Project we've been moving through some big changes in our lives and business. You probably have too. Shall we compare notes?

Last fall Michael and I felt something stirring. We didn’t know what it was, just that change was in the air and something new was trying to surface in The Paradigm Shift Project. So we scaled back our talking (putting out content) and took more time to listen. For the last 5 months we’ve been asking ourselves and each other, “What does The Paradigm Shift Project want to be?”

Is marketing actually sustainable?

Nearly half a year later it’s time to share what we’ve discovered in our sabbatical from marketing:

  1. Our containers needed clarifying. We truly love serving clients 1:1 but the way we were doing it was unsustainable. The containers we’d created for our services (packages) weren’t as clear as we thought and required adjusting. This meant improving our communication with clients, creating better boundaries for our business, and implementing a new visual timeline tool Michael created that makes it easy to track progress with clients and all stay on the same page. Win-win!
  3. It’s time to scale the marketing magic. We rapidly reached the point where there were more people we wanted to serve than we had hours in our days to meet and it became clear that it’s time to re-open our Strategic Storytelling group program. People have been asking for this option and we’re excited about how it's all falling into place. More on that soon.
  5. Our market isn’t who we thought it was. We are absolutely here to serve paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs but lots of other people show up too—marketing professionals, creatives, and business owners who want a saner way to do marketing. Businesses that want a way to distinguish their brand from what everyone else in their industry is doing, but without having to hustle and grind their way through the mystery and madness of how you’re “supposed” to do marketing. Realizing our market is actually people who want a saner, simpler, healthier, highly-effective way to do marketing helped us realize that...
  7. The Paradigm Shift Project is actually about shifting how business happens. While we’re deeply devoted to supporting the many paradigm shifts that our clients are catalyzing to make life more sustainable so that people can thrive, it turns out the shift that The Paradigm Shift Project is fundamentally about is the move to a more balanced, sustainable way of doing business and marketing.

In an unbalanced world where business operates on the cultural modus operandi of control, extraction, domination, narcissism, speed at all costs, and machine-like productivity, people are hungry for balance, authenticity, simplicity, sanity, and humanness. We’re here to contribute a highly effective empathy-based marketing method that works because it’s clear, aligned, grounded in reality, and genuinely relational—not because you spend tons of budget and work yourself like a machine hustle-and-grinding down marketing roads that you hope will someday get you where you want to be.

Sometimes when you ask big questions you get big answers and #4 is one we're still growing into!

Meanwhile, there's one more thing to report from our 5 months of blog/newsletter silence. In this period of listening for what The Paradigm Shift Project wanted to reveal to us, another big shift happened—>Kai moved from Oregon to Mexico!

The day before new years, Kai and her partner arrived at their new home in Pescadero, Baja California Sur, just minutes away from where Michael and his wife and daughter live in Todos Santos. After 3 1/2 years of working together remotely via Zoom, Slack, Notion, and Whatsapp we now can work together in person and do business strategy over tacos. :)

In addition to working with our clients in Europe, the US, and Central America we’re also teaching local workshops in our own backyard and having paradigm-shifting conversations with innovative entrepreneurs over chips and guacamole here in beautiful Baja.

It’s a good life.
It’s a fun business.
We’re a great team.
And we look forward to seeing where 2022 takes us, and you.

We hope you haven’t minded our absence from your inbox while we listened for what life had for us. If any of our discoveries from the last 5 months resonate for you, we’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

P.S. While we may have been quiet the last several months, we’ve been anything but still. We have been up-leveling from the inside-out, honing our process, building gorgeous websites for clients, and perfecting our powerful Strategic Storytelling tool so that this marketing method is easier and more efficient than ever before.

We’ll be showcasing the new websites in our portfolio in Q2 and are excited to share the new tool in the group program in just a few weeks. Doors to that open soon! Keep an eye out for the Early Bird discount later this week.

Kai Madrone
Posted on
March 22, 2022



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