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The path to clarity, clients, and exponential impact is strategic storytelling

Get clear on your brand


Clarify who you're here to serve and discover your brand story--the clear, compelling message that connects you with your purpose and your audience.

Operate from alignment

Online presence

Now you can do powerful marketing. Use your brand story to create an online (and offline) presence that draws in the people you're meant to serve.

watch your business up-level


Repeat your message consistently and enjoy seeing the right customers arrive with more ease as your clarity increases your confidence, revenue, and impact.

how it works

Story works because it’s how humans work

Story is how we make sense of the world. From our earliest ancestors on, stories have been how we learn, teach, and remember information. Story is how we perceive our individual and collective experience. That’s why the best way to share a message is with a story.

A lot has changed with the digital age but humans are still wired for story. Stories are are meaningful messages we can feel and understand. That’s why when it comes to marketing, discovering your clear brand story is the place to start.

Are you ready to connect WITH the people you’re meant to serve?

For a strong online presence that draws clients in, story is the place to begin

Casey Joy, the Founder of Unapologetically Worthy, shares how she went from feeling hesitant to "put herself out there" on social media to having the clarity she needed and more passion than ever to show up and share her work with the world.

Discover your story

self-paced course

Go at it yourself

This is for you if
  • You have limited budget and need a clear message so you can start getting clients
  • You feel overwhelmed by marketing and want a step-by-step process that is proven to work
  • You want to move at your own pace
What you get
  • Strategic Storytelling training videos that show you how brand story works and how to discover yours

  • A digital workbook that guides you step by step through the process of nailing your brand story
  • Your Message Map--a custom tool that decodes your business into a clear message + marketing collateral you can share any time you need to reach your market
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1:1 Program

Work with Kai

This is for you if
  • You don’t have time to do everything yourself
  • You want someone who will truly get to know your business and hold space for you to up-level
  • You value the momentum and magic that happens when an expert brings their energy to your business
What you get
  • 12 sessions with Kai to clarify exactly who you’re here to serve and nail the brand story that draws them in
  • Session prep videos so you and/or your team can get the most out of each session and keep the process efficient

  • Your Message Map--a custom tool that decodes your business into a clear message + marketing collateral you can share any time you need to reach your market
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Do this process once and everything else gets easier

No more staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to say. With a clear brand story you have a compelling message you can share in countless ways.

Once you have your brand story we can team up!

Collaborative copywriting

Co-create compelling copy

The absolute best person to create your copy is YOU. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Kai’s Collaborative Copywriting method works in real time to access your true voice and create powerful copy that draws the right people in. She weaves your message, essence, and expertise into strong copy that feels authentic because it is.

Copywriting shouldn’t feel like a wrestling match

With Kai, our Strategic Storyteller, copywriting is:

  • Synergistic: Co-create live with a copywriting expert
  • Efficient: Skip the time-consuming emails back & forth
  • Swift: Nail your copy the first time, in real time
  • Fulfilling: access your true voice & authentic expression
  • Fun: Enjoy the magic of collaboration
  • Empowering: Experience your story coming to life
How it works
  • Story: Complete your brand story (2 options above)
  • Copy: Receive access to purchase one-one-one Collaborative Copywriting sessions as needed
  • Results: Rock your business with powerful marketing
Catchy one-liner about the freebie

Wondering if this is for you?

Let’s find out if we’re a match. Kai asks questions,  you ask questions, and together we’ll get clear on whether this is for you.

"Now I know my purpose, who my work is for, and how to talk about it. I feel confident and secure when people ask me what I do. Clients are coming in and there are so many ways to grow. The possibilities are endless."
Isha Gold, Ceremonial Arts Teacher
"Strategic Storytelling has been a game changer in my business. I feel that the clarity you have helped me to build gives me a lot of peace of mind and confidence to work on my business today."
Alejandro Calderón Durán, Strategic Brand Identity Designer
“The Strategic Storytelling process helped us get out of our bubble and connect with our potential customers. We now have a brand story in language that our customer understands and it speaks to them."
Amarins Tamminga, Marketing Manager at TILER
We believe

Your business deserves to thrive

Our world is in transition. These times are tumultuous but in the intensity new possibilities are emerging and paradigm-shifters lead the way. We need your work like never before. And the world is ripe for it like never before.

It's your time
paradigm-shifting entrepreneur
par·​a·​digm shif·ting en·​tre·​pre·​neur
ˈper-ə-ˌdīm ˈshif-​ting ˌän-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər
A business owner whose work changes perception and the way things are done.
1. (personal) an entrepreneur in the business of facilitating a shift in consciousness that is transformational for an individual
2. (collective) an entrepreneur in the business of changing how we operate together in community

Struggling to launch

When you’re just starting out it’s overwhelming. Learning business and marketing can be a full-time job--that doesn’t pay. You’re trying to launch but life keeps happening. You need income to roll in asap.


Scrambling to scale

When you’re established it’s exhausting. Your business is working but there’s not enough of you to go around. You need to scale, but what you got here isn’t going to get you there.


Striving to grow

When you’re expanding, it’s frustrating. You need to add revenue streams, adapt to market changes, and update, but the process is slow. The people you’re working with don’t make it easy.

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