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The Strategic storytelling Masterclass

Discover your brand story

Master the message that gives you the clarity and compelling copy it takes to draw people in and grow your business


Strategic storytelling up-levels your business

Use the power of story to get the clarity + words it takes to craft a compelling message that draws people in

You’ll be guided step-by-step to:
  • Truly see and clearly describe what you do
  • Position your brand as a trusted guide
  • Deeply understand & connect with your market
  • Draw in the people you’re meant to serve
  • Turn your clarity into marketing copy that converts
“Before Strategic Storytelling I was like a budding seed with a lot of ideas. The course got me really clear on who my client is and gave me a solid way to build my brand. I realized what my own story is and how to turn it into a business that helps other people.
Amy Johnson, Founder, Compassionate Co-Parenting
The breakdown

What you need to know

Who is this for?

Paradigm-shifters who are launching or growing a business and are an expert in their thing, not in marketing.

what is IT?

A course + tool that guides you step-by-step through the process of getting the business clarity and compelling message you need to get the right people in the door.

How Does IT work?
  • Videos + a digital workbook that guides you to discover your brand story.
  • Our custom Message Map tool that decodes your business clarity into marketing copy that converts.
where you’re at

You’re good at what you do but not great at marketing it

You know you have something valuable to offer the world but you’re not great at getting the word out. You need to get more clients and income flowing in, but you’re not sure where to begin.

You want to grow your business doing what you’re here to do but marketing feels overwhelming. It’s time to step up and sell more but you hate feeling salesy.

Illustration of an entrepreneur sitting on the floor with her laptop
the quiz

This course if for you if...

Two or more of these apply:
  • You want more ready-to-buy customers coming in the door
  • You want to be able to clearly describe what you do in a succinct way that gets people interested
  • You’re figuring out your business model and aren’t sure what your market will actually purchase
  • You know you’re “supposed to niche” but you don’t want to exclude anyone or narrow your options
  • You have a lot of ideas and aren’t sure where to focus
  • You feel overwhelmed about marketing but you know you need to get it right in order to grow
  • You know you need to “put yourself out there” but you don’t want to be salesy
What you’re up against

The current business paradigm pushes for pushing

In countless ways we’re told we need to push for the sale, push ourselves to get out there, push leads into a funnel, push out content, push our bodies to do more, push our business to grow faster...

That’s because we live in a culture that upholds the domination paradigm. Which perpetuates running business on control, force, and hustle-grind. All this pushing is daunting to think about and exhausting to do. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

the way it should be

Marketing should simply be sharing an inspiring message

Thankfully there is a more efficient and satisfying way to do marketing. There is a path, that once you learn it, allows you to do business from the inside-out instead of through constant pushing.

You can grow your business in a way that empowers you and your clients, feels genuine, simplifies your marketing, and draws in the people you’re meant to serve so you can do what it is that you’re here to do.

“I was stuck in the ideas phase of developing my business. Through Strategic Storytelling I connected with my own journey and with my client’s journey. Now I know who my work is for and I no longer feel like I’m shooting in the dark.”
Lisa Pranam,  Founder of Passionfruit Arts

I’m here to help paradigm-shifters turn their gifts into a thriving business

Meet your instructor

Kai Madrone

I understand how it feels to be focused on your mission but overwhelmed by the marketing. I’ve been there, wishing I could serve without having to sell.

I care about you having a thriving business doing what you’re here to do. That’s why I’m here to walk you through discovering your brand story. Because story gives you a powerful marketing message that is aligned with your purpose and draws in the people you’re meant to serve.

Brand Strategist

5+ years strategizing

In 2016 I began supporting clients with their marketing but kept finding that while what people wanted was copy what they needed was clarity. (On their business, market, message, offers)

Thus Strategic Storytelling was born. Now I guide people to get the brand clarity it takes to find the words they need for their copy.

Writing coach

19+ years of coaching

In 2003 I launched my first business, WordStrength Editing, where for more than a decade I served emerging authors as an Editor & Writing Coach.

In 2019 business owners started seeking me out for help with their marketing. So I began coaching and giving people the tools they need to do great copywriting.


A lifetime of writing

At eight years old I won our school district’s essay contest. I’ve been writing my way through life ever since. Writing helps me see clearly and connect meaningfully.

My primary creative craft of poetry (which I’ve been practicing for 20+ years) hones my ability to tell a vivid story with potent brevity--which is exactly what copywriting must do.

How to get where you want to be

Simplify your marketing and grow your business in an empowering way with story

Story works because it’s how humans work. Humans are wired for story. That’s why the best way to simplify your marketing and grow your business is with brand story.

This course guides you through the process of discovering your brand story so that you’ll have a clear, compelling message you can use any time you need to reach your market.

How the course works

1. Clarity

You clarify who you’re here to serve and uncover the words that speak straight to their heart so that your message resonates.

2. Presence

You distill what your business is about and find your voice so  you can build a powerful online presence that draws the right people in.

3. Up-level

By the time you’re done with the course you’ll have a clear message that draws in the people you’re here to serve so that your business can grow.

What’s inside

Discover your brand story

Module 1
Foundations for a Strong Brand Story

Essentials for marketing success

How To Get the Most Out of This Course

Strategic Storytelling: From Marketing Overwhelm to Business Clarity in 5 Steps

Your Marketing Map: An Introduction

Who You’re Meant to Serve: How to Nail Your Niche

Market Research: The Conversations That Uncover Your Brand Story

Segmentation: How to Deal With Your Subgroups

Module 2
The Power of Story

Why narrative works & the eight essential ingredients of your brand story

Why Story Works

The 8 Essential Ingredients of Your Brand Story

Module 3
The Hero

Find who you’re here to serve and what they (really) want

Desire: Let’s Get Clear On Your Market, Who They Are, and What They Want

Module 4
The Power Of Problem

Become the brand your people turn to by becoming an expert on their struggle

Why You Want to Focus On the Problem (Even Though You’re All About Solutions)

The External & Internal Problem: What Your People Are Dealing With 

The Philosophical Problem: Expand Your Business By Inviting People Into a Story Larger Than Themselves

The Villain: Name Their Struggle In a Way That Shows Them They're Not Alone

Module 5
The Trusted Guide

Watch confidence grow as you embrace your true role in the story

Your Place In the Story as Trusted Guide

Empathy: They Don’t Care What You Know Until They Know That You Care

Authority: How to Communicate Your Competence and Credibility

Module 6
The Power Of Plan

Give your customers the clarity they need in order to proceed

The General Plan: Make It Easy For Your People To Say Yes

The Process Plan: Alleviate the Confusion That Stands In Their Way

The Agreement Plan: Overcome the Objections That Keep Your People From Buying

Module 7
The Call To Action

Master the art of helping people move forward

The Direct Call to Action: A Clear Invitation to a Solution They Need

The Transitional Call to Action: How to Establish Ongoing Connection

Module 8
What's At Stake

Use the future to inspire your customer to take action in the present

The Secret Ingredients That Make Your Brand Story Work

Failure: Name the Cost of Not Doing Business With You

Success: Paint the Picture of Where They’re Headed

Module 9
The Transformation

Draw the right customers in by describing the hero's journey they're on

The Hero's Journey Your Customer Is On and How to Describe It

Module 10
Your Brand Story

Discover your brand story by distilling what you have down to the essentials

Putting It All Together: How Your Eight Story Ingredients Become a Powerful Story

Copywriting Mini-Course

Turn Your Brand Story Into Powerful Marketing Copy

Twelve Pro Tips for Turning Your Brand Story Into Powerful Copy

Tip #1: Clarity Always Wins

Tip #2: Never Start From Scratch If You Can Help It (And How To Help It)

Tip #3: Write to a Specific Person

Tip #4: Write to Keep People Reading

Tip #5: Eliminate Anything That Isn't Essential

Tip #6: Strategize Your Headers and Subtitles

Tip #7: Commit to Brainstorming 25 Headlines

Tip #8: Use the Magic of So-That

Tip #9: Make your CTA’s Obvious & Often

Tip #10: Use Contrast to Create Tension

Tip #11: Write Before You Build

Tip #12: Make Sure Your Copywriter Knows the Art of Brand Story

“Kai’s process helps you find your voice. Before, it was like my work was surrounded by a cloud of mystery. My message was broad--speaking to everybody but no one in particular. Now I have a lot more clarity in my business because I’m finally talking to the people I’m supposed to be talking to.”
Ro Marlen, Founder at Sacred Evolutions
why your story matters

People need what you bring

Without a clear message and authentic voice we’re unlikely to attract the people we’re here to serve. That’s why I’m so committed to sharing a way to do marketing that gets strong results, feels real, and is easy to implement. Because I know our world needs what you do.

the risks of not having your story

Wasted effort that leaves you struggling to get traction

  • Spending thousands of dollars and years of precious time doing marketing trainings to figure this stuff out
  • Operating on assumptions (or hopeful guesses) that  get your business in trouble

  • Wandering through the world of online marketing without ever getting the traction you need
  • Burning out or giving up and going back to someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your life
  • The people you’re here to serve don’t get the help they need
the gains that come with your story

Powerful messaging that up-levels your business

  • A clear, compelling message that draws the right people in the door
  • The empowerment of knowing how to clearly describe what you do, why it matters, and the difference it makes
  • Confidence that you can do great marketing, in a way that is true and feels authentic

  • Brand clarity that not only guides your marketing but brings strategic insight to your entire business
  • The people you’re here to serve get the help they deserve
The Masterclass

Strategic Storytelling

  • Training videos that show you how brand story works and how to discover yours
  • A digital workbook that guides you step by step through the process of nailing your brand story
  • Our custom Message Map tool that decodes your business clarity into marketing copy that converts
the bonus

Copywriting Tips & Templates

When you enroll in the Strategic Storytelling masterclass you’ll also receive Kai’s copywriting mini-course FREE!


12 Pro Copywriting Tips

These short videos walk you through the essentials of turning your brand story into marketing copy.

These pro tips include everything from how to approach copywriting to a visualization to connect with your audience; the brainstorming technique for nailing headlines and the nuts-and-bolts of how to lay out your pages.


Copywriting Templates

Get access to Kai’s growing vault of copywriting templates that help you create compelling marketing copy with ease.

These work like MadLibs--just fill in the blanks with the ingredients of your brand story and voilá! you have ready-to-use copy that speaks to the people you’re here to serve.

the bonus

Alejandro’s story

“The clarity this course gave me not only made it easy to create the copy for my website, it also helped me grow my business....”

With a clear brand story you have a compelling message you can share in countless ways

Simplify your marketing. Empower your audience.

Grow your business. Share your gifts. Expand your impact.


Discover your brand story

Learn how to use the power of story to grow your business.

1. Training + the tool
  • The videos that show you how brand story works in your business and how to discover your story.
  • A digital workbook that guides you step by step through the process of nailing your brand story.
  • Our custom Message Map tool that decodes your business clarity into marketing copy that converts.
2. Access to work with Kai
  • The option to purchase Collaborative Copywriting sessions to nail your copy for whatever marketing project you’re working on.
3. BONUS!! The copywriting mini-course
  • 12 Pro Copywriting tips to help you turn your brand story into marketing copy.
  • Copywriting Templates designed to make your copywriting easy.
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