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We up-level paradigm-shifting businesses

We believe

Human beings are designed to thrive, not hustle-grind

The current economic paradigm is a machine built for control and structured to keep us grinding for relentless growth. But this kind of growth comes at the expense of everyone’s well-being--our bodies, relationships, communities, and the earth. It’s time for a different way.

The growth most of us crave--healthy, balanced, joyful expansion--happens when we do business from a place of alignment. When our business is aligned with our purpose, our audience, and the flow of life itself.

We equip you with the message that gets your business operating from a place of alignment

We get you

Growing a business is a huge endeavor

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by everything it takes to grow a business. We understand how it feels to be frustrated by slow progress. And to have to pivot--yet again. We’ve been there, wishing someone else could just do our marketing so we could focus on serving our clients.

We got you

Nobody should have to figure it out alone

Fact was though, we had to find an effective way to do all of the above. A way that felt real and was true. So we leveraged the power of story. This genuinely relational marketing method works from the inside-out with consistently empowering results.

Since 2019 we’ve been streamlining this process so that you can up-level your business with more ease.

We are

Serial entrepreneurs

We’ve been evolving businesses for years, learning what works, what doesn’t, and how to strategize to accelerate progress.

We are

Serial entrepreneurs

Having evolved businesses for years we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, how to strategize for success and fast-track your progress

We are

Marketing pro's

We bring messaging, design, copywriting & web development together so that your marketing tools work like a magnet.

We are

Strategic creatives

We weave together expertise in messaging, design, copywriting, and web development so that your marketing is magnetic.

We are

Seasoned guides

We have coached clients on business, marketing, writing, and relationship so we’re equipped to guide you through the obstacles.

We are


Between us, we’ve coached clients on business, relationship, writing & marketing and are equipped  to guide you through the obstacles

Your strategic team

Michael Coussement
Venture Architect & Web Designer

Michael studied engineering and strategy and worked in sustainable innovation before unleashing his inner artist. After co-founding a tech startup in the sustainable energy industry he studied design so that he could combine strategy + design to turn visions into visuals.

Strategic Creative superpower

Turning your clear brand story into a potent business model and a strategic website that is a work of art.

Paradigm-shifting entrepreneur since


Kai Madrone
Brand Strategist & Collaborative Copywriter

Kai was a writer, book editor, and relationship coach who to her surprise kept finding herself in marketing roles. She couldn’t bring herself to make sh*t up, so she had to find a way to do marketing that was both effective & authentic. Thus was born the Strategic Storytelling method.

Strategic Creative superpower

Distilling the essence of your business, purpose, and gifts into a powerful story that activates your voice and draws people in

Paradigm-shifting entrepreneur since


Some of the best things in life happen via friendship. Our business is one of them.

Our story

True friends up-level each other

In 2018, thanks to a dear mutual friend, we crossed paths in the pueblo magico of Todos Santos, Mexico. Kai returned to the US and we stayed in touch through a work exchange, coaching each other through career-life changes. But our collaboration rarely felt like work. The collaborative synergy was joyfully fun.

As friends, we not only benefited from each other’s expertise, we saw each other’s gifts. Soon we were doing what comes naturally to us--finding ways to help grow each other’s gifts into a thriving business.

When Kai moved to Baja in 2022 we swapped Zoom meetings for taco meetings and the co-creation fun factor up-leveled again!

And this is also what we do for our clients

Because this is how we roll. We keep each other sharp and we get each other’s back. We inspire each other to our best work and remind each other to play and rest. (Yeah, we brought internalized hustle-grind with us to paradise and still wrestle with it here too.)

Helping each other flourish is what friends do for each other. It’s also what we do for our clients. It’s the DNA of our business and what we’re here to offer the world. Because we know the world needs what you bring to the table and we believe your business deserves to thrive.

Are you ready to draw in the people you’re meant to serve?

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