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Need to catch your breath?

Kai Madrone
September 21, 2021



Have you been feeling rushed, pressed, behind schedule, exhausted, or even burned out?

In a society that often treats people like machines and values productivity-for-profit over most everything else it's easy to get swept down the path of hustle-and-grind. Sometimes without even realizing it.

Many entrepreneurs created their own business in part to do something different, step off the hamster wheel, and out of the 9-5. They want to do life and business  in a more balanced way and on their own terms.

But it's not easy  to stay balanced when the world around isn't. It's not easy to keep a healthy pace when  both external and internal voices call you to push yourself to do, do, do, more, more, more.

The world needs paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs

Happy Fall Equinox. It's time to shift.

In our culture the dominant voices (which we internalize) push us down the road of constant doing--well past what is good for our bodies, not to mention minds, hearts, relationships, and our sense of purpose.

As entrepreneurs when we're pushing past the limits of well-being we can easily find ourselves "stuck in the weeds," running on fumes, and operating reactively instead of being fueled by inspiration, making strategic decisions that are aligned with what we're all about.

Who you surround yourself with matters

As a paradigm-shifting entreprenur, you've stepped outside the box of the mainstream in some way. You're blazing a new trail, doing things differently. Which means you need to keep good company.

No one is immune to the messages and pressures of an unhealthy society or imbalanced culture. If we want to live and work in a sustainable way we need to surround ourselves with those who remind us of the truth of what we value and the beauty of what is possible.  

The business paradigm is shifting

The old way of doing business is showing signs of failure and collapse. Extraction and domination have taken their toll and more and more people are choosing a different way.

A paradigm shift is underway as more individuals and organizations are finding ways to do business that are co-creative instead of hierarchical, ecologically sustainable instead of extractive, and personally fulfilling instead of depleting. And they're finding that it not only works for the bottom line, but works better.

Today's shift in season is an invitation to shift our orientation

Today the season shifts. (Happy Equinox!) Now we begin to move from the fullness, ripeness, and outward motion of summer toward the quiet, stillness, and inward reflection of winter. This week is an ideal time to reassess and re-strategize in your businesses. This is a perfect time to pause, reflect, and re-orient.

Humans are not machines. We are not doings, we are beings and as beings we move through natural cycles of activity and rest, motion and reflection. Each part of the cycle is essential for our well-being as people, and also for our businesses.

In order for a tree to bear fruit it requires all the natural phases--from the the ripening and harvest of fall to the rest and dying back of winter, to the pollination and emerging of spring, to the growth and fullness of summer.

Tip of the week: Surround yourself with people and messages that honor natural phases and bring you back to balance.

While hustle-and-grind still dominates in our culture, it's not what everyone is doing. There are individuals and businesses who are operating in a more sustainable way. Are you surrounded by these people and these voices as you go about your day?

This week's tip is an invitation to intentionally chose the company of those who remind you that you're not here to be a machine, you have a bigger purpose, you get to rest, and your endeavors can thrive when you honor the natural rhythms--of life and your own body.

Here are a few of my favorite voices:

  • Kate Northrup, author of Do Less and her business, The Origin Company--Kate show entrepreneurs how to enjoy more abundance businesses and healthier lives by honoring natural rhythms and doing less.
  • YES! Magazine--For more than 25 years, YES! magazine has been doing quality journalism that shows how innovate individuals and groups are responding to difficult problems by creating positive change in ways that are healthier for both people and planet.
  • Ro Marlen, founder of Sacred Evolutions--Roteaches people how to heal and share their gifts with the world. Sheprovides practical information on how to incorporate the rhythms ofnature into your life and work.

Bring who you are, share your gifts, and live your purpose

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
September 21, 2021



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