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4 steps to clearly articulate what you do so that your audience sees the value of what you offer

Kai Madrone
September 14, 2021



It's not easy to articulate the magic of what you do

Paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs make magic. Seriously. I'm not using the word lightly here, as an adjective to say "really cool stuff." I'm actually referencing the dictionary-definition noun--


"the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces"
inf. "something that has a delightfully unusual quality"

This is what our clients and students are up to--influencing the course of events in delightful and unusual ways. They're co-creating the better world we know is possible and whose time has come. But doing pioneering work can present a challenge for marketing. When what you do is innovative, a little outside the box, or downright mysterious how do you describe it clearly and succinctly so that prospective customers and clients understand what you offer and the value of what you do?


The secret to communicating the magic of what you do is The Plan

Your brand catalyzes change for your customers

The thing about magic is it's not easy to define and pin down with words. That's because what your brand does is transformational. Whether big or small, you catalyze change for your customers and clients. This change is hard to describe without turning your audience off by...

  • Being unclear about what the transformation is
  • Over-explaining how you deliver results
  • Using insider terms your audience is not familiar with
  • Being either long-winded or overly simplistic

So how do you communicate your value effectively?

Every business owner knows that what they offer is valuable but few can find the words to explain it in a way that is easy to understand and engages their audience. This is a challenge we love to solve.

Every brand we've worked with so far makes magic and every business owner and marketing team has struggled to articulate the magic of what they do. Thankfully we have magic of our own, and it's wrapped up in the power of the Plan.

In brand story The Plan clarifies the value of what you do

The Plan is the part of your brand story where you turn the mystery of how your business catalyzes a change for people into a clear, succinct description that speaks straight to your audience so they can immediately see why they need what you offer and how to move forward.

The Plan provides clarity, educates potential customers, can elicit "ah-hah" moments, and inspires forward momentum.

The 4 essential steps to nail your brand's Plan

  1. Break your transformational process (aka magic) down into the clear steps customers take to get success
  2. Make sure your plan is 3-5 steps, no more and no less
  3. Make the sure last step is the result, the transformation they experience
  4. Preface your Plan with a one-sentence description of the transformation your brand provides

Check out an example Plan to see how it works

As we help businesses get clear on their message and up-level their online presence we always use examples because seeing brand story in action is where everything starts to click. Today we'll use our own Plan as an example of brand story Plan in action.

Notice the introductory sentence that clarifies the transformation, customers success broken down into 3-5 clear steps, and how the final step is the the transformation itself; the result that customers experience:

The Paradigm Shift Project--

We've brought together a team of experts in strategy, messaging, design, copy writing, and web development so that your marketing works like a magnet to draw in the people you're meant to serve. Here's how it works:

Step 1 is Clarity--clarify who exactly your work is for and discover your brand story; the clear, consistent message that speaks straight to your audience

Step 2 is Online Presencetranslate your unique brand story into gorgeous design, compelling web copy, and a beautiful, strategic website so that you can enjoy step three

Step 3 is Growth—watch your business grow as more customers arrive with less effort and your positive impact increases as you reach more people

Tip of the week: Clarify your brand's Plan

  • Use the 4 essential steps above to nail your brand story Plan
  • Once your Plan is nailed, incorporate it in your messaging to educate people on the value of what you offer and inspire them to move forward with your brand

Know who your work is for, be their trusted guide, and use their words to speak straight to their heart

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
September 14, 2021



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