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Feeling the heat? A few thoughts on living in edgy times & why your business matters

Kai Madrone
August 17, 2021



What to do when things get messy…

When I contemplated marketing topics and tips for this week’s newsletter and article, nothing came to the page. So I went for a walk and asked, “What do our people need to receive from us?” What arrived was this: “Speak about the importance of paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs.”

Honestly, it was a slightly uncomfortable answer. Sharing practical business and marketing tips is safe. Talking about the essential role and relevance of paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs is impassioned and even edgy. But the fact is, we live in edgy times and there’s no time for messing around. Even if it feels messy to go there--


Business-as-usual isn’t working

Last week the governor of the state where I live declared an emergency due to extreme heat. Triple digit temps seemed trivial compared to massive fires, blazing forests, smokey skies, overflowing hospitals, a new variant, and the widespread-and-rising fever of fear. But of course high heat is not a small thing when you live in a temperate rainforest unaccustomed to extreme temps, especially if you don’t have the luxury of climate control at your fingertips (which as economic hardship deepens, fewer people do).

We don’t have to look far to find evidence that business-as-usual isn’t working and the systems our lives (and businesses) were built upon are failing. And we don’t have to be psychic to see that the issues humans face now aren’t going away.

Paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs have always been important, but now are essential. It’s time to grow businesses and build systems that do a better job of sustaining life…and to support those like yourself who are daring to do so. That's why The Paradigm Shift Project is dedicated to increasing the impact of business owners like you. Our world so needs what you have to give.

Edgy times call for paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs

The systems that got us where we are aren’t going to be what get us out. Business-as-usual simply cannot solve the dilemmas we face. The challenges at hand demand new perspectives, innovative approaches, plenty of creativity, and genuine collaboration.

These edgy times call for the leadership of people like you who are capable of seeing things differently, adapting to what the moment calls for, and bringing forward the wisdom and solutions you have to offer.

But doing things differently is seldom easy and doing it alone isn’t sustainable. What the current crisis of Covid reveals again and again is that we’re on this ride together and we can’t do it alone.

Tip of the week: Find other paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs and gather like-minded folks around you.

Edgy times are not the place for lone-rangering. Times like these call for coming together. I invite you to find other business owners who are also daring to do things differently and contribute whatever is theirs to give that moves us toward a world where humans can survive and thrive.

And if you’re not sure where to turn to find such folks, please hit reply and let us know that.

Michael and I are considering the possibility of creating a space where paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs can find like-minded business owners across diverse fields and industries so they can come together, be inspired by each other, and possibly even co-create together.

At The Paradigm Shift Project, we're lucky to get to spend our days surrounded by brilliant, good-hearted paradigm-shifters and we think you deserve to be energized and uplifted by this community too.

Bring who you are, share your gifts, and live your purpose.

If you’re interested in connecting with other paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs, let us know!

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
August 17, 2021



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