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5 mindset shifts that clarify your message, build a strong brand, and upgrade your online presence

Kai Madrone
September 7, 2021



The internet has changed business... in some ways you can appreciate

Does it ever feel like there are a thousand things you need to do, learn, know, and track in order to stay on top of marketing? A little overwhelming perhaps? You're not alone and there's good reason for this—

The internet transformed how sales and marketing happen. This created amazing opportunities AND an enormous need to adapt. The vast majority of businesses are still trying to catch up. Not only that, but change continues to happen so rapidly that even digital marketing experts like us must continually educate ourselves to keep up. But the good news is twofold...


The evolution of marketing aligns with things you value

Double good news for paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs

1.) The evolution of marketing is actually aligned with the values of paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs. The very things it takes to sell well these days also take you deeper into what matters most.

2.) We're here to make your marketing adventure much easier. We want to live in a world where paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs are the businesses that thrive. That's why we break online marketing down into a clear process and simple steps that give you a strong, effective online presence so that you can keep your focus on giving what you're here to give.

As marketing has evolved its scope has expanded

Marketing used to be a simpler matter of "getting the word out" about what your business does. Your message could be general and all about you.

In the old model, marketing would generate interest and when prospects arrived it was the job of the sales team to inform, educate, and make the sale. But the internet shifted that story. Digital marketing needs to not only generate interest, but also inform, educate, and sometimes even make the sale!

This means your marketing needs to be customer-centric, strategically targeted to the right people, inform them on the subject matter, educate them on everything they need to know in order to make a good decision for themselves, and demonstrate how you can solve their issue and provide what they're looking for.

The new marketing model asks more of you, but is more aligned

That's a lot to ask of marketing! But it also brings marketing MORE in alignment with the values of paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs.

What it takes to sell well these days also takes you deeper into what matters most—being of service, focusing on your customers, operating from empathy, and contributing to the greater good.

The very things that make for successful marketing in the digital age also set you up for greater positive impact in the world AND a more successful bottom line--

  • Putting your customer at the center of your marketing message (aka the hero of your brand story) keeps you focused on them in every aspect of your business
  • Providing valuable content, sharing an inspiring brand story, and creating a movement with your message are powerful ways to be of service and contribute to the greater good
  • Listening deeply to the people you're here to serve so you can connect with them keeps you where you're at your best--speaking and operating from a place of care

All this alignment sounds great in theory but means nothing if you don't have a clear, effective way to carry it out. We know. That's why we do our best to break it all down into simple, actionable tips you can incorporate into your business to get great results. So this week we broke the tip down into 5 key ways to shift your orientation to stay current with how marketing has evolved.

Tip of the week: Align your message with your audience

One of the best things about the way marketing has evolved is really good news for entrepreneurs: it's not your job to appeal to everyone, it's your job to figure out who your work is for and speak directly to them.

That's why step one of Strategic Storytelling is figuring who you're meant to serve. Effective marketing requires that you get crystal clear about who those people are, what they're struggling with, and what they want.

Step two is to align your message with those people:

5 shifts you can make to grow your business & your impact

  1. Shift your marketing mindset--your focus should be less on what you're selling and more on the story you're telling. Marketing isn't about "getting the word out" about your product or service, it's about telling the story of how your brand helps a specific kind of person.
  2. Center your customer in your marketing--you're not the center of this story. Your customer is the hero. Your brand is the guide that helps them get where they want to go.
  3. Speak to where they're at--before you ever invite prospects to invest with your brand you have meet them where they are. When you address their problems and desires you begin to earn their trust.
  4. Speak their language--one of the best ways to meet people where they're at is to use their words. Don't ask them to translate your terminology and mindset into their reality. It's your job to know their reality and build a bridge from them to you.
  5. Put more focus on the What than the How--Business owners are usually focused on their How (product, methodology, deliverables). This is secondary for your customer. Primary is the What (transformation, results, outcomes). You want to shift your ratio so you're more focused on What than How.

The more you make these shifts, the more effective your marketing will be. And we're here to help.

Know who your work is for, be their trusted guide, and use their words to speak straight to their heart

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
September 7, 2021



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