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Nobody should have to build their business by themselves

The Thrive Community boosts your progress

Turning your gifts and purpose into a thriving business is a grand adventure of trial and error. We’re here to help you get unstuck and find what works so that you can reach your goals faster than you could alone.

You receive:

COACHING to solve issues and move you forward

ACCOUNTABILITY to keep on course with your goals

TOOLS to help you grow your business

TRAINING to up-level your business knowledge & skills

SUPPORT to keep you going when doubt and fear kick in

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the problem is

Entrepreneuring isn’t easy

They said “anyone can create a business online.” Just hop on and start selling. But it’s not that simple.

There are tools to figure out, tech to troubleshoot, marketing strategies to learn, not to mention wrestling Imposter Syndrome and managing your inner game. Your loved ones may think you’re crazy and frankly, sitting behind a computer all day can get lonely.

Starting a business is a lot, so for me the community is really important to keep the bigger picture and the momentum.
In entrepreneuring you’re your own everything. So the group coaching is essential. Because you don’t even know what questions you have until someone else asks them. The community feedback and witnessing other’s process expands my own process. A thinktank is great.
Lisa Pranam, Founder, Passionfruit Arts
We believe entrepreneurs deserve a co-creative environment that moves them forward
what you want

To grow a business that’s sustainable

You’re here to help people thrive and you know that has to start with you.

You want a business that gives back to you even more than you put in. You want a successful launch. A growing list. Happy clients and money in the bank--so you have what you need not only to do the work you’re here to do, but also live life on your terms.

what you’re up against

Lone Ranger Mentality is the entrepreneur’s downfall

Entrepreneurs are highly capable, self-reliant people who are good at many things. But business-building is too big to do solo. Trying to figure it all out alone keeps us stuck and slows us down.

Our DIY brilliance is also our undoing
This is for you if

You’re a paradigm-shifting entrepreneur who wants to accelerate your growth

You’re frustrated with the rate of progress in your business

Your marketing isn’t getting the results you want

You’re feeling launch overwhelm

You need help clarifying your message/market/offers/audience/content/words/copy/brand

There’s not enough of you to go around and you need to evolve your business model

Kai Madrone

brand strategist
copywriting coach

Kai coaches our members to translate their brilliance into a sustainable business. She specializes in clarifying your brand story and nailing your copy.

Having had (and fully healed from) chronic fatigue, she has a knack for simplifying strategies and honing in on what moves the needle. And as an organization geek she helps our members create systems and infrastructure that save them time.

Michael Coussement

Venture Architect
Web Designer
startup coach

Michael coaches our members to turn their visions into business strategies and translate those strategies into concrete action plans that become tangible results.

Having migrated from Silicon Valley start-up grind culture to laid-back Baja Mexico in order to have a great balance of work, family, and personal well-being, Michael is a master at helping our members create businesses that truly support their life.

About the Coaches

When we come together, we leap forward

The world needs what you have to give. We want you to succeed and we know that support makes all the difference.

All business owners need ongoing training in order to meet the evolving challenges of growing a business. As entrepreneurs, we also need mentors and collaborators that help us get unstuck and keep us growing.

We’re here to help you move through the challenges of whatever stage of business growth you’re currently in
What’s inside

We cover all the essentials

Bring your challenges.
Connect with community.

Get the specific coaching you need.

LAUNCHING--prep & strategies for a successful launch

TECH--setting up and up-leveling your infrastructure

OFFERS--figuring out what products & services your people want to buy

BUSINESS MODEL--strategizing your offers to retain customers & increase revenue

COPYWRITING--finding the words that move people

DESIGN--design principles to help you look pro

ORGANIZATION--time, energy, & information management

SELF-CARE--Equipment, habits & perspective to keep you healthy & thriving

MINDSET--the foundation of success: up-leveling from within

How it works

Bi-weekly Coaching, Training & Resources

We gather every other week for group coaching, business training, and community support.

GATHERING--We meet bi-weekly via Zoom for 90 minutes each session

LEARNING--We start with a brief business training presentation designed for Trailblazing and Up-leveling entrepreneurs like you

COACHING--Most of each session is devoted to coaching members through whatever challenge you’re facing in your business

LIBRARY--Replays are made available so you can review session details, catch one you missed, or search the archives by topic

From launching and tech to business strategy and self-care
“Having Kai and Michael's guidance got me where I needed to be, with a clear direction, and got me there efficiently.
It’s so valuable to have people that are really wise in their field helping you. Having the feedback is worth its weight in gold because I can question myself all day long and never get anything done, but with their skilled guidance I was able to take the idea and really flesh it out into a business model and bring it life.”
Amy Johnson, Founder, Conscious Co-parenting

The Let-Them-Do-the-Selling Testimonial Package

A Mini-Training + Templates Designed To Get You Awesome Testimonials


Get Social Proof That Boosts Your Credibility

A video lesson on the essential value of excellent testimonials and how to get strong ones that build your authority and do the selling for you.


Easily Elicit Strong
Testimonials From Customers

5 templates designed to obtain powerful testimonials.. Customize these to obtain written and/or video testimonials that are compelling for potential customers.

group coaching membership

The Thrive Community

The support to move you forward as you turn your gifts & purpose into a thriving business

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COACHING to get you unstuck and find the way forward

ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on course with your goals

TOOLS to help you grow your business

TRAINING to up-level  your business knowledge and skills

SUPPORT to keep you going when doubt & fear kick in

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