The Strategic storytelling Masterclass

Discover your brand story and turn it into marketing copy that converts

The fundamental process that gives paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs the business clarity & compelling message that gets the right people in the door

Marketing that moves people tells a story

Strategic storytelling grows your business

Craft a compelling message and a clear brand strategy using the power of narrative.

You’ll be guided step-by-step to:

Clearly describe what you do

Position your brand as a trusted guide

Draw in the people you’re meant to serve

Deeply understand your market

Turn your clarity into marketing copy that converts

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what you’re dealing with

You need to figure out your marketing so you can grow

You need to launch. Soon. You have gifts to share with the world but you need to convert your superpowers into offers that people will be glad to buy.

You need to figure out this marketing thing so you can start making money. But it’s all getting overwhelming.

“Before Strategic Storytelling I was like a budding seed with a lot of ideas as to where I wanted to focus. The course got me really clear on who my client is and gave me a solid way to build my brand.
Working with this story model I realized what my own story is and how to turn it into a business that helps other people.
Amy Johnson, Founder, Conscious Co-parenting
You need marketing that draws in the people you’re meant to serve
where you want to be

You want a clear message that gets you customers

You want things to be simple and clear--for your customers, and also for you.

You want a website that reflects who you are and works for you while you sleep. You want sales pages that get the right people in the door so that you can do what you’re here to do.

What it takes to get there

Strategic storytelling draws in the people you are meant to serve

To grow your business you need a clear brand story that gives you:

A compelling message that draws people to you

The clarity and confidence of knowing who you serve and how to communicate what you offer

The right offers (that people will love to buy)

The right words (copy that converts)

A marketing map that makes it easy to turn your clarity into marketing copy and website design

“Kai’s process helps you find and clarify your voice. Before, my message was very broad--speaking to everybody but no one in particular. It was like my work was surrounded by a cloud of mystery.
I have a lot more clarity in my business now. The mysterious fog is lifting and connection with my clients is deepening. I can do my most potent work because I’m finally talking to the people I’m supposed to be talking to.”
Ro Marlen, Founder, Sacred Evolutions

This course is for you if

You want more ready-to-buy customers coming in the door

You don’t know which offers your market will gladly buy

You have a lot of ideas and aren’t sure where to focus

You need more clarity about what you do and how to talk about it

You want to understand who your work is for so you know how best to serve them

What’s inside

Expert guidance at an intro price

When it comes to marketing, story works because it’s how we work. As humans, we are wired for narrative. So the best way to simplify your marketing is to discover your brand story.

The course walks you through the exact Strategic Storytelling method we use with all our custom website clients to build them an online presence that draws in the people they’re meant to serve.

This course guides you through the process of discovering the business clarity, brand story, and powerful marketing copy you need in order to reach your ideal clients and customers.

Module 1
Foundations for a Strong Brand Story

Essentials for marketing success

How To Get the Most Out of This Course

Strategic Storytelling: From Marketing Overwhelm to Business Clarity in 5 Steps

Your Marketing Map: An Introduction

Who You’re Meant to Serve: How to Nail Your Niche

Market Research: The Conversations That Uncover Your Brand Story

Segmentation: How to Deal With Your Subgroups

Module 2
The Power of Story

Why narrative works & the eight essential ingredients of your brand story

Why Story Works

The 8 Essential Ingredients of Your Brand Story

Module 3
The Hero

Find who you’re here to serve and what they (really) want

Desire: Let’s Get Clear On Your Market, Who They Are, and What They Want

Module 4
The Power Of Problem

Become the brand your people turn to by becoming an expert on their struggle

Why You Want to Focus On the Problem (Even Though You’re All About Solutions)

The External & Internal Problem: What Your People Are Dealing With 

The Philosophical Problem: Expand Your Business By Inviting People Into a Story Larger Than Themselves

The Villain: Name Their Struggle In a Way That Shows Them They're Not Alone

Module 5
The Trusted Guide

Watch confidence grow as you embrace your true role in the story

Your Place In the Story as Trusted Guide

Empathy: They Don’t Care What You Know Until They Know That You Care

Authority: How to Communicate Your Competence and Credibility

Module 6
The Power Of Plan

Give your customers the clarity they need in order to proceed

The General Plan: Make It Easy For Your People To Say Yes

The Process Plan: Alleviate the Confusion That Stands In Their Way

The Agreement Plan: Overcome the Objections That Keep Your People From Buying

Module 7
The Call To Action

Master the art of helping people move forward

The Direct Call to Action: A Clear Invitation to a Solution They Need

The Transitional Call to Action: How to Establish Ongoing Connection

Module 8
What's At Stake

Use the future to inspire your customer to take action in the present

The Secret Ingredients That Make Your Brand Story Work

Failure: Name the Cost of Not Doing Business With You

Success: Paint the Picture of Where They’re Headed

Module 9
The Transformation

Draw the right customers in by describing the hero's journey they're on

The Hero's Journey Your Customer Is On and How to Describe It

Module 10
Your Brand Story

Discover your brand story by distilling what you have down to the essentials

Putting It All Together: How Your Eight Story Ingredients Become a Powerful Story

Module 11
12 Pro Copywriting Tips

Turn Your Brand Story Into Powerful Marketing Copy

Twelve Pro Tips for Turning Your Brand Story Into Powerful Copy

Tip #1: Clarity Always Wins

Tip #2: Never Start From Scratch If You Can Help It (And How To Help It)

Tip #3: Write to a Specific Person

Tip #4: Write to Keep People Reading

Tip #5: Eliminate Anything That Isn't Essential

Tip #6: Strategize Your Headers and Subtitles

Tip #7: Commit to Brainstorming 25 Headlines

Tip #8: Use the Magic of So-That

Tip #9: Make your CTA’s Obvious & Often

Tip #10: Use Contrast to Create Tension

Tip #11: Write Before You Build

Tip #12: Make Sure Your Copywriter Knows the Art of Brand Story

I’m here to help paradigm-shifters turn their gifts into a thriving business
About the Instructor

Kai Madrone

I understand how it feels to be focused on your mission but overwhelmed by the marketing. I’ve been there--wishing I could serve without having to sell.

I care about you being able to thrive doing what you’re here to do. That’s why I’m dedicated to walking you through the process of discovering your brand story--a compelling marketing message that inspires you and draws in the people you’re meant to serve.

Brand Strategist

5+ years of mastering online marketing

In 2015 Kai found herself in the world of online business and discovered that real marketing is not slimy--it’s a genuine act of service.

She's been helping clients grow their businesses by clarifying their brand ever since. Synthesizing what she's learned, she developed a powerful method called Strategic Storytelling.

Copywriting Coach

17+ years of teaching people how to write

In 2003 Kai launched her first business, WordStrength Editing--where for a dozen years she served as an Editor and Writing Coach for emerging authors.

In 2019 entrepreneurs started seeking her out to help them with their marketing and she became a Writing Coach once more.


A lifetime of working with words

At eight years old Kai's mom gave her flowers when she won the district essay contest. Though it took her decades to claim the title of “writer” it’s simply what she does.

The craft of poetry (which she's been writing for 20 years) in particular hones her ability to tell a vivid story with potent brevity.

What you stand to lose

Wasted effort that leaves you trying to be heard

Wandering through the world of online marketing without ever getting the traction you need

Spending thousands of dollars + years of your life on trainings that give you more tasks to do instead of more customers to serve

Outsourcing your marketing to someone who charges too much and doesn’t care enough

Burning out and going back to someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your life

What you stand to gain

Powerful messaging that grows your business

A clear, compelling message that draws the right people to you

A cohesive plan that not only guides your marketing but brings clarity to your entire business

The confidence of knowing how to describe what you do and the difference it makes

Marketing that feels authentic to you and comes from the heart

A literal library full of words that speak directly to your market, which you can use whenever you need copy


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Get business-building tools and bite-sized trainings designed to help you get traction and grow your business.

“I was stuck in the ideas phase of developing my business. I was trying to pick the magic one thing that would reach people.
Through Strategic Storytelling I connected with my own journey and with my client’s journey. Now I know who my work is for. I no longer feel like I’m shooting in the dark. My value is in the transformation I provide and all of my offerings are part of that.”
Lisa Pranam, Founder, Passionfruit Arts

Strategic Storytelling

Discover Your Brand Story

Learn how to craft a compelling message and  clear brand strategy using the power of narrative so that you can draw in the people you’re meant to serve.

Now you can use the exact Strategic Storytelling process we use with all our clients to turn customer data into clear insight, a cohesive message, and strong marketing copy.

Be guided step-by-step to

Clearly describe what you do

Position your brand as a trusted guide

Draw in the people you’re meant to serve

Deeply understand your market

Turn your clarity into marketing copy that converts


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The Strategic Storytelling Beta Program graduates are now building their websites and launching their businesses!

The course proved a success and final production is now underway and is arriving February 2021.

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