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What you should do BEFORE developing a product or service (to reduce risk & increase sales)

Kai Madrone
August 3, 2021



Why honing products before message is backwards

It seems so logical--first you figure out what you're selling, then you figure out how to sell it. You develop a product or service and then you take it to market. You strategize your business model, then figure out your message. You figure out how to monetize, then how to market. But often this sequencing is backwards.

And costly.

A clear message informs & improves your monetization                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Where businesses fail is in their assumptions. Entrepreneurs can easily risk thousands of dollars and waste years of effort trying to bring something to market that the market isn't asking for or willing to buy.

It's also common to dedicate lots of personal energy and marketing budget to pushing something forward that with some attentive adjustments, could grow with much more ease.

That's why the place to begin is not with your products and services. The place to begin is with deeply understanding your people.

Your customers don't want your product

It's natural for business owners to be focused on their products and services. Products and services are how you turn your expertise into something useful and sell-able. Products and services are how you offer value and give what is yours to give. The trouble is that the people who buy your products and services are focused on something else.

Your customers want what comes after

Your customers don't buy from you because they want your product or service--they purchase because they want what comes next. Whether your brand gives them relief and peace of mind, status and prestige, empowerment and autonomy, connection and belonging, clarity and confidence, health and well-being, or something else...the transformation is why they buy.

So that's where you want to begin.

Your business exists because transformation happens

Your business exists because of the transformation your brand provides. The results. The change. The outcome. The shift your customers experience.  

Whether it's big or small, that transformation is WHAT your customers actually want. Products and services are the HOW.

The more clear you are on the WHO (your work is for) and the WHAT (transformation you provide) the more easily the HOW (your products and service) fall into place.

Tip of the week: Before honing your products and services, get clear on who your work is for and the transformation you provide.

It pays to clarify your message first

I watch this with every client I coach. When business owners get clear on their message, they gain insight on their business model. When entrepreneurs discover the brand story that becomes their marketing message, they also learn how best to monetize the magic of what they do. When people figure out their marketing they learn what exactly it is they need to be selling.

That's because in the process of discovering your brand story you have to get very clear on WHO (your work is for) and WHAT (transformation you provide). With this clarity you reduce your risks and increase your gains. Instead of creating something you hope to find a strong audience for, you create what your audience already wants.

Get clear on your brand story and business model, then connect the two in your branding, website and content

We're here to help

If you're looking for clarity and want to build products and services that people are excited to buy, we invite you to schedule a free Business Clarity Session to learn more about our Clarity Package. Our Clarity Package is how we walk business owners through our proven Strategic Storytelling process to clarify who your work is for, the transformation you provide, and discover the brand story that draws the right people in the door.

Kai Madrone
Posted on
August 3, 2021



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