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Wait! What you should do BEFORE getting a logo or rebranding your website

Kai Madrone
July 27, 2021
Online presence



Are you starting in the right place?

When it comes to marketing and branding it's not uncommon for business owners to mistakenly put the cart before the horse. Whether getting started or rebranding, entrepreneurs often set out to create a logo or website as their first step, when in fact that step goes last.

Symbols (like logos) are powerful and your visual presentation (like your website) is essential, but these things are not your message--they're an expression of your message. Before designing marketing assets like logos or websites, it's crucial to clarify your message first.

That's why here at The Paradigm Shift Project we walk our clients through a smooth 5-step process that starts with getting clear on your brand and discovering your brand story...and ends with a gorgeous website that draws in the people you're meant to serve and grows your business. Today I want to share why this sequence makes your life much easier and your marketing more powerful.


Why you want to start with clarity

Logos and websites are super fun. There are few things quite so satisfying for business owners as seeing the magic of what you do behind the scenes every day beautifully expressed so clearly that people look at it and immediately understand the value and relevance of what you offer.

H a p p y  d a n c e ! !

But just like many things in business, when it comes to creating your marketing assets and brand identity, starting in the wrong place makes the whole process harder and slower than it needs to be.

The price of skipping steps

When business owners jump into logo design or website creation without the strategic first step of fully clarifying their message, who it's for, and how to best present it, the cost is high:

  • Costs you precious time by slowing down the creation process with extra steps, changes, and doubling-back
  • Costs you missed opportunities of market segments you didn't recognize, products that aren't positioned properly, and customers you failed to speak to
  • Costs you draining, unnecessary effort putting something into motion that doesn't have a solid foundation
  • Frustrates your team who need more clarity in order to do good work and deliver great results
  • Results in muddled messaging that isn't as clear as it needs to be to draw the right customers to your business
  • Yields less effective marketing assets that don't get the kind of traction and outcomes you want

A Smooth Process That Delivers Powerful Results

To grow your business you need to get clear on your brand, tell your story in a clear, compelling way; and establish an online presence that draws in the people you’re meant to serve. That's why we developed our proven 5-step process for creating the marketing assets you need:

  1. Clarity—get clear on your brand and discover your brand story--the clear, compelling message that speaks straight to your audience's heart
  2. Design—engineer gorgeous design that communicates your story, visually expresses your brand, and is strategically engineered to build your business
  3. Copy—craft clear, compelling web copy that connects with your ideal client, communicates your message, and positions you as the trusted guide that you are
  4. Website—translate the design + copy into code so you have the online presence you need to draw in the people you’re meant to serve
  5. Grow—repeat your message consistently and enjoy watching your business grow as clients arrive with more ease while revenue increases and you and your business thrive

Tip of the week: Clarify your message BEFORE you create visual expressions like a website or logo.

Getting this sequence right--

A.) Saves you time and frustration in the process of making your marketing assets
B.) Increases the effectiveness of whatever marketing assets you create

Get clear on your brand story and business model, then connect the two in your branding, website and content

We're here to help

If you're looking for an awesome website or logo we invite you to schedule a free Business Clarity Session to learn more about our packages that walk you through the whole process from getting clear to getting results.

Book a free Business Clarity Session

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
July 27, 2021



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