Lisa’s website celebration; a graduation from confusion and self-doubt to clarity and confidence

Kai Madrone
April 6, 2021
Online presence

Does your website authentically express who you are?

Today we would like to introduce you to Lisa Pranam, founder of Passionfruit Arts. Lisa has officially launched her website and it's a vibrant example of how Strategic Storytelling results in a website that reflects who you are and grows your business.

In the process of creating her website Lisa went from feeling worried about having to put herself into a box--to having a solid foundation for her business so that her creativity can flow. She went from having tons of ideas--to having an actual business.

One of our greatest joys here at The Paradigm Shift Project is celebrating the amazing paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs we get to work with. So we're excited to tell you a little about Lisa and her paradigm-shifting business...

Lisa's website journey--from having ideas to having a business

Lisa is one of our amazing trailblazers. That's what we call entrepreneurs who are in the launch phase of growing their business. Trailblazers need a clear message and a simple website that can grow with them. We have developed a special Trailblazer Website Package that gives entrepreneurs who are just staring out everything they need to launch strong and keep the process affordable. Here are the highlights of Lisa's Trailblazer journey:

The paradigm shift Lisa facilitates: Passionfruit Arts helps people who feel stuck in routine and believe their creativity is only worthwhile if it's "productive" according to capitalism--to living their life in creative flow, feeling connected to Something Greater, and knowing that it’s their birthright to be creative and and creatively expressed.

The business challenge she was facing: When Lisa arrived she had tons of ideas but wasn't sure what direction to go. There was a lot of confusion and self-doubt and she was struggling with the tech of online business. She felt overwhelmed by everything it takes to figure out marketing and start a business. She had a rich toolbox of modalities and experience to share and was afraid she had to choose just one thing in order to make her business work.

What she most loves about her website: It's so her! It's colorful and has lots of playful movement. It's creative and nourishing. It doesn't feel like a box, it feels like an expression of who she is and what she offers. It has so much life and authenticity to it that when people see the website they can feel her.

How Strategic Storytelling and her website has changed her business: Lisa has truly stepped into her confidence in her work in the world and how she can share that with people. She has high-level clarity now about her work and who it's for. Her relationship with marketing has gone from reluctance and dreading feeling salesy to confidence and enthusiasm, knowing marketing is simply a conversation with the people she's here to serve. The website is an awesome home base that gives her a solid foundation for her business so she can create and expand, giving her so many possibilities.

Our gratitude to Lisa: Thank you Lisa, for stepping out and sharing your gifts with the world! And thank for making us your team for discovering your brand story, creating your website, and nurturing your business. We're so proud of your launch and what you're doing in the world.

See How Lisa Went From Confusion to Confidence

We need paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs to help create the new world where everyone thrives.

Be you. Share your gifts. Live your purpose.

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
April 6, 2021

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