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How to know that your work matters

Kai Madrone
May 18, 2021



What you do matters

We all have days where we wonder if our efforts are worthwhile.

As someone who gets to work with paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs on a daily basis, I'm here to tell you HELL YES! your work matters. We need what you bring to the table. We need the gifts you bring to the world. We need you living your purpose and it absolutely does make a difference.

And while I will gladly remind you of this any time there is also something you can do to make sure you never get lost in discouragement or self-doubt about your work in the world...


Create and curate a "Client Love" file

Back in 2016 I was sitting in a hotel conference room in one of Jeff Walker's live events where he shared his story of a simple and valuable remedy for the discouragement and self-doubt every entrepreneur encounters. Over the years I've practiced and incorporated countless valuable strategies and tools from those PLF events (Product Launch Formula) but this little tip is a genuine gem...

The antidote for self-doubt is evidence

Let's be honest, entrepreneuring gets hard. I've found the easiest way to address the inner critic and cure downheartedness about your work is to have and use a library of customer kudos.

Of course, in business you want to have a system for regularly gathering client testimonials and case studies, but this is different. Your Client Love folder is where you drop the spontaneous testimonials and client kudos that pop up as you go about your week.

Collect the good stuff

It might be a grateful report a client shares during a coaching session, an enthusiastic comment someone leaves on your social media post, or a thrilled review a customer leaves on your product listing. It might be an email you get from a client sharing the results you helped them achieve. Whatever it is...

Use copy and paste.
Take screenshots.
Gather it all up as it arrives.

Pay attention when someone says something good about how your work made a difference for them. Make it a habit to collect the good stuff.  

Make yourself a library you can return to

This week's tip is to start a "Client Love" file. Jeff Walker made it a channel in his company's Slack space so the entire team could see and celebrate customers' wins. Here at The Paradigm Shift Project, we use a Google doc. You might prefer an app like Evernote. Whatever you use, make it simple, accessible, and easy to navigate.

Then, on that dreary day when you're feeling down about your business and wondering if all your effort is worth it, go grab your Client Love file and start reading. With a file full evidence right there in print, before long you'll not only feel good, but be vitalized with knowing that HELL YES! what you do matters.

And let it boost your marketing

As an extra bonus, your habit of collecting The Good Stuff can also pay off in your marketing--

Your official case studies and testimonials are one the most valuable assets you have in your business. But don't overlook the spontaneous testimonials. The in-the-moment exclamations, on-the-fly reports of transformation, and lovely gratitude shares that come from the people you're here to serve.

**Just be sure that whenever you add something to your Client Love file you also include the name, context, and way to reach this person so that if you ever wish to publish what they shared you can get their permission to do so.**

Keep coming back to who your work is for

We're not here to serve the voices of criticism and self-doubt. In your moments of self-doubt and discouragement the voice that matters most is that of the ones you're here to serve. Let the people your work is for tell you whether or not it matters.

We need paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs to help create the new world where everyone thrives

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

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Kai Madrone
Posted on
May 18, 2021



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