Empathy marketing and the secret ingredient that speaks to your audience’s heart

Kai Madrone
March 23, 2021
Online presence

Are you getting engagement or crickets?

You put something high quality out there but the response was dismal. What went wrong?

Whether it's your new product launch for the year or simply yesterday's post on social media, it can be more than disappointing when response is low.

To get a strong response you need a compelling message. This is where empathy marketing comes in.

Great marketing speaks straight to your audience's heart

You are not the hero of your brand story. The hero is your customer. Your brand is an essential character in that story, but the story is about them.

If you want your marketing to get traction, then you need a compelling message. If you want your message to be compelling, you need to speak straight to your audience's heart.

That's why it's so important to do marketing that listens first.  Empathy marketing listens well and deeply to know and understand the hero of the story--your audience.

Listening to the people you serve in this way gives you insight for your business and access the secret ingredient of a compelling message: their words.

The secret ingredient: Their words

You are the guide in the story. You're the expert. You have detailed, intimate knowledge of the topic your audience turns to you for. You have an advanced perspective--and whether you realize it or not, you have something that comes with it: your own language.

When you show up to do marketing with your perspective and your terminology you're speaking the perfect language for OTHER EXPERTS, not for the audience that needs what you have to offer.

Great marketing speaks straight to your audience's heart. Which means speaking to where they are at in their journey, and in their language.

Marketing tip: Learn their language

Do you know the words your people use to describe their desires and struggles in relation to the transformation your products and services provide? Do you have a grasp of their language when it comes to the problems your brand solves?

Start paying close attention to their words. In your discovery calls and product reviews. In your sales conversations and client testimonials. In your coaching sessions and social media comments. In your membership programs and live events. Take note when your people describe their problems and desires.

Meanwhile, if you want to clarify your brand message and explore how Strategic Storytelling can help you do great marketing you can feel great about, schedule a call with us.

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Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
March 23, 2021

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