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Business clarity and how summer solstice celebration can help clarify your big picture

Kai Madrone
June 22, 2021



The balance of working in & working on your business

Living in a culture that prizes productivity and speed means it's easy to get so focused on Getting Things Done that we lose track of the big picture--where we're headed and why it matters.

Entrepreneurs have many hats to wear, including both strategy and execution. It's our job to toggle back and forth between setting the course for our business and getting the stuff done. The day-to-day of this requires some intentionality to balance working IN your business with stepping back to work ON your business.

Making the most of natural cycles is a great way to keep the big picture factored into our regular rhythm. This week marks the Summer Solstice (happy summer!) and provides a great occasion to pause, take a breath, reflect on the ground you've covered so far in 2021, clarify where you want to go in the second half of this year, and identify what steps will best get you there...


Take a pause to look at the big picture

We're only productive when we're on course

The most effective way to get stuff done is to make sure we're doing the right stuff--the tasks, projects, and commitments that move our business in the right direction and get us where we want to be.

Making sure we're doing the right stuff requires stepping back now and then to see where we are, where we're headed, and where we want to go in our business.

Today's business tip: Use natural cycles to reflect & strategize

1. Pick an occasion to pause

To keep a healthy balance of working IN and working ON your business it's helpful to have a specific rhythm for stepping out of the doing of getting stuff done and into the reflection and strategizing of the big picture.

Maybe you like to pause and reflect at the end of the day. Week. Month. Quarter. Season. Year.

Maybe you assess the direction of your business in some way big or small with all of these occasions, or a combination of certain ones. Experiment with what works best for you and your team, but be sure there are regular intervals where you step back from the daily tasks and assess the bigger picture.

2. Start with celebration

Starting with celebration is a powerful way to set up a process or conversation for success.

In a world that keeps us focused on looking ahead, celebration grounds us in the present moment. Celebrating also sparks happiness and it's when we're feeling good that we're in an optimal frame of mind for visioning, strategizing, and problem-solving.

Whether you're operating solo or leading a team, take some time to articulate the good stuff--how far you've come, the wins you've had, the support that has showed up, the things that have been achieved.

Marking a specific occasion makes celebration natural. On solstice, my (life) partner, a dear friend, and I gathered together and reflected on the arc of the year--what 2021 has brought us so far and where we see things heading as the second half of the year unfolds. This special-occasion conversation was rich, deepened our connection, and surfaced some great insights.

3. Identify where you want to go

Life is constant change, so it's essential to check in on where we're headed so that we can course-correct as needed. Is what we're doing today moving us in the direction we want to go? We only know the answer if we're clear on where we want to go.

There is an entire universe of business and personal development advice on how to clarify your vision, set goals, and make them smart, so I won't go into that here. What's important is that you have a framework that works for you and use it.

4. Use power questions to clarify how to get there

The last step is where we make the connection between where we are now and where we want to be. This is where we build a bridge between Current Reality and Desire Reality.

This can be as simple or as complex as we choose. I prefer simple. :) And the simplest way I've found to strategize next steps is to use well-designed questions.

Next week I'll share some of my favorite power questions for clarifying how to move forward in your business. So be on the lookout next Tuesday for some great power questions to clarify your next steps.

Assess where you are now, where you want to be, and develop clear action steps that get you to your desired transformation

And of course, if you want to do this pause-and-look-at-the-big-picture-of-your-business process with some marketing experts, you can always book a free Business Clarity Session with us. In that conversation we'll go through a version of the process above and together we'll identify where you are now, where you want to go, and optimal next steps to get to where you want to grow.  

Book a free Business Clarity Session

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
June 22, 2021



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