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A way to grow your audience with more ease (that most entrepreneurs overlook)

Kai Madrone
June 1, 2021

Grow your audience with more ease

Whether it’s to generate more revenue, expand your impact by getting your message to more people, or both—you’re probably interested in growing your audience.

There are countless strategies for doing this, some better than others, but there’s one approach that often gets overlooked and can bring significantly more ease to everything you do in your business.

The Audience Alignment strategy

Find your sweet spot

I call this often-overlooked growth strategy Audience Alignment. If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor you’ve probably noticed a few things about alignment—

When your physical structure is out of alignment, things get painful and difficult, but when your physical structure is in proper alignment, pain decreases and movement is easier.

The same is true in your business. If you want to grow your audience with more ease, one of the most valuable things you can do is to optimize your alignment.

We’re here to bring who we are, in service of others

My favorite college professor once shared a quote with our class that continues to resonate a quarter of a century later—

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” —Frederich Buechner

Whether or not you connect with the idea of God, paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs tend to feel a sense of calling. They’re drawn to share their gifts, talents, and expertise in a purposeful way. I believe the desire to live in such a way that you give what is yours to give while receiving what you need—is intrinsically human.

But the wisdom Buechner brings to the table about living a fulfilling human life is relevant not only to aligning with your personal purpose, but also to the practicalities of your marketing.

Growth is easiest when you speak to your optimal audience

I visualize this quote about your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger as a Venn Diagram. That zone of overlap in the middle is the “sweet spot”--not only for your personal fulfillment, but also for the growth of your business.

Because where you get the most traction
with the least effort
is the place where you have the most resonance.

Today’s tip: Ask 3 questions about your audience

There is a place where the market's need and your gladness overlap. When you speak with this specific part of your audience where there is the greatest resonance, that’s when you get the best engagement and growth.

To hone in on your audience sweet spot, look for where the overlap is in your market of 1.) who shows up and 2.) who you most love to serve.

You can ask yourself or your team these three questions to help find the optimal zone of who to speak to as you do your marketing:

  1. Who is showing up?
  2. Among them, who most enthusiastically connects with what I/we offer?
  3. Among them, who are I/we most excited to serve?

Your marketing is a signal to the world communicating not only what you offer, but who it’s for. You might as well focus your signal on the customers that you’re most aligned with—because that’s where there is the most flow.

We need paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs to help create the new world where everyone thrives

P.S. If you would like professional guidance on figuring out your optimal audience, you may be interested in our Strategic Storytelling Clarity Package. Our Clarity Package is where you work with our Brand Strategist (yours truly :)) to identify who you're meant to serve and create the clear brand story that directly speaks to them so that you can simplify your marketing and watch your business grow. To learn more, schedule a (free) Business Clarity Session with us--

Learn more about our Clarity Package

Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
June 1, 2021

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