12 reasons why it pays to take a listen-first approach to marketing

Kai Madrone
March 16, 2021
Online presence

Does it feel like you're making s#*% up?

You need to promote something and you're not sure what to say, but you start putting some words together. Maybe you're winging it or perhaps you're painstakingly following an expert's formula-for-success to a "T." But no matter how much effort you put in, it doesn't quite feel right. It sounds salesy. It doesn't sound like you. It feels contrived. Like you're making stuff up.

But you know you have a good thing that really helps people! So why does it get wonky when you do the sales and marketing?

Why it pays to use a listen-first approach to marketing

Anytime we communicate from a place of "what we're supposed to do" instead of from who we are, things can get weird.

That's why I developed the Strategic Storytelling marketing method. For me, being inauthentic is a horrible feeling. I needed a way to do marketing that is grounded in reality, highly effective, and genuinely relational.

One of the essential pillars of this approach is listening first. It takes a little time in the beginning but saves you time at every stage of your business and the rewards are enormous:

  1. It turns your marketing into an authentic conversation
  2. You learn valuable information about who you're here to serve
  3. It cultivates empathy
  4. It grows trust
  5. You know what to say in your marketing because you know who you're talking to
  6. You discover how to refine your products and services so that you meet people where they're at and they feel excited to buy from you
  7. Your audience feels more connected to you
  8. You feel more connected to your audience
  9. You gain clarity about your business
  10. Listening to your people grounds your business in reality
  11. When you make fewer assumptions about your market you make less mistakes in your business
  12. Listening first gives you their words

Stay tuned next week for more about #12 any why knowing your audience's words makes your marketing so much more clear, compelling, and easy to do.

Meanwhile, if you need to up-level your online presence and want to talk about how Strategic Storytelling can help you do great marketing you can feel great about, schedule a call with us.

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Thanks for doing what you do in the world,

Kai & Michael

Kai Madrone
Posted on
March 16, 2021

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