10 reasons why storytelling draws people to your business

Kai Madrone
March 30, 2021
Online presence

Does your message move people?

Does what you're putting out there inspire people to say YES?

Do they resonate with your message, align with your brand, and jump on what you offer? Or is your message something you're trying to figure out?

What if I told you there's a communication format you're already deeply familiar with that will totally transform your message and your business?

10 reasons why storytelling draws people to your business

Format is fundamental. Even if your message is crystal-clear, if it isn't delivered in a way people can easily digest, connect with, and remember, it's not going to get good results.

If your message takes the shape of a convincing argument, a list of shoulds, a salesy pitch, a personal performance, or a plea for help...it likely won't get much yes from the people who need your services.

The communication format that works in life also works in business. Because marketing is for humans and humans are creatures of story.

  1. The most powerful way to share your message is through story because story is how we work...
  2. The human brain is wired for narrative. We perceive life in terms of self and other (character), past-present-future (timeline), and conflict & resolution (plot).
  3. Stories are how we think. Like it or not, everyone moves through the day as the center of their own story.
  4. Stories are how we take in new information. From ancient myths and timeless spiritual teachings to modern novels and films, stories are how we learn.
  5. Stories are also how we remember what we learn. Whether it's a great preacher, parent, politician, or TED presenter, skilled speakers know that stories are what stick.
  6. Stories are even a biological necessity. Humans require REM sleep for survival, which is when our psyche creates the stories we call dreams. Stories are that important!
  7. Story clarifies communication. In other formats, detail gets lost and the message can drift, but story brings clarity.
  8. Story makes your message cohesive and coherent. Across channels, segments, and time, whether you're communicating externally with your audience or internally with your team, story delivers consistency.
  9. Story is something we know, even if marketing isn't. Regardless of how much marketing experience you have, you're already deeply familiar with story, which is the framework that creates a compelling marketing message.
  10. Story simplifies your marketing. Once you have a clear brand story all you have to do is iterate and repeat.

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Kai Madrone
Posted on
March 30, 2021

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