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A selection of the Paradigm-Shift Projects we’ve gotten to grow

"Yesterday I woke up and saw that someone had booked and paid for a $2997 coaching package. Without any admin or effort from my side. The website has only been up for a week and I've been getting a lot of positive feedback and new clients coming in.”
Els Verbrugge, Founder, Elsenzo
The paradigm shift

Ambitious women don’t have to spend their careers ticking off the boxes and feeling unfulfilled--they can tap their body's wisdom to uncover their gifts and discover how to receive a royal income doing what lights them up.

Business challenge

Els' Wix website was too limited. The loading was slow, the booking system was buggy, and the message didn’t reflect how her business had evolved. She wanted a beautiful site that was smooth, fast, and had room to grow with her.


It's now super easy for people to book, pay for, and schedule her services. Which makes Els smile. She’s free to focus on what she does best.

"We love the fact that the website captures the zeitgeist and feeling of both our area and our program while also capturing the transformational flavor of the experience."
Chip Conley, Founder and CEO, MEA
The paradigm shift

Our culture tells us that getting older means becoming less relevant--but the wisdom and experience you have to offer has never been more important in the workplace, or in the world. We're not here to grow "old," but to grow whole.

Business challenge

MEA had evolved but their website hadn't--it looked like they were a luxurious hotel instead of a powerful program that transforms lives. They needed their website to better represent their brand and expand the scope of their storytelling.


The website now captures who they are, their community has responded positively, and the number of program applications has increased.

“I haven’t even published the website yet and I’m already getting clients. Because I have the clarity of what I offer and I know the language to use that truly expresses what I do.”
Isha Gold, Founder, Isha Gold
The paradigm shift

Women aren't meant to live under impossible expectations that make life monotonous, superficial, and draining--but to live the beauty, meaning, and magic of life. We can design a life that is sacred, on purpose, & valuable to the world.

Business challenge

Isha had been helping people transform for decades but didn't know how to translate her gifts into a business. She was starting a joint collaboration and wanted a website to help her look official as she developed that venture.


She has a beautiful website and has discovered her life's work in the process. She feels confident in her collaborative venture and is growing her own business based on her purpose.

The paradigm shift

Girls in Mozambique are often sold into early marriage and live in a culture where there are many false myths about STDs and pregnancy--but with the right education girls can get accurate information, seek help, get support, say no early marriage, and live empowered lives.

Business challenge

Lekker had received funding to start a pilot project to prove that digital education can reduce the amount of teen pregnancies and early marriages by making learning fun and game-like through a web application--but they had no experience with digital education.


The pilot program among the first 5000 teenagers in Maputo is running and early signs look promising. Teachers in Mozambique want to get this program to their students.

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