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Hone the single powerful sentence you can share on any occasion or platform so that people are eager to learn more.

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Get the clarity that draws in customers

Discover how to craft one powerful sentence you can use universally as your tagline, email signature, in your social media profiles, on your About page, bios, sales pages, presentations, pitches, packaging, business cards, video or podcast intros/outros, and any time someone asks you what you do!

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"Our new website captures the zeitgeist and feeling of both our program and location. And it conveys the transformational flavor of the experience our cohorts have.
We’ve had a very positive response from our community and a strong increase in workshop bookings."
Chip Conley, Founder and CEO, Modern Elder Acadamy
you want to

Grow your business and live your purpose

You want marketing tools that work--that reflect who your brand is, clearly communicate what you do, look gorgeous, and get customers in the door. You want your marketing to feel authentic and get solid results.

You’re here to share your gifts and create abundant income
You’re an expert in your thing, not in marketing
THe problem is

Marketing is overwhelming

You’re frustrated with how hard you have to hustle to get new business in the door. You need to stay focused on giving what’s yours to give, but as an entrepreneur you have to be good at what you do AND at letting the world know about it.

We understand

Paradigm-shifting businesses are critical now

The world is in transition and it’s tumultuous. But in the midst of the intensity something new is emerging. Our world needs your work like never before. And we’re ripe for it like never before.

It's your time
paradigm-shifting entrepreneur
par·​a·​digm shif·ting en·​tre·​pre·​neur
ˈper-ə-ˌdīm ˈshif-​ting ˌän-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər
A business owner whose work changes perception and the way things are done.
1. (personal) an entrepreneur in the business of facilitating a shift in consciousness that is transformational for an individual
2. (collective) an entrepreneur in the business of changing how we operate together in community

Struggling to launch

When you’re just starting out it’s overwhelming. Learning business and marketing can be a full-time job--that doesn’t pay. You’re trying to launch but life keeps happening. You need income to roll in asap.


Scrambling to scale

When you’re established it’s exhausting. Your business is working but there’s not enough of you to go around. You need to scale, but what you got here isn’t going to get you there.


Striving to grow

When you’re expanding, it’s frustrating. You need to add revenue streams, adapt to market changes, and update, but the process is slow. The people you’re working with don’t make it easy.

who WE ARE

We’re strategic creatives who launch entrepreneurs and keep them growing

We equip paradigm-shifting entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with the clarity and online presence they need to draw in the people they’re meant to serve

what you’re up against

Internet marketing gets complicated

The internet is magic, but it’s also infinite. So most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with an endless to-do list, trying to get seen in an ever-changing ecosystem--with disappointing results.

A million directions to go + ten thousand things to do
Marketing that moves people tells a story
Get clear on your Brand


Clarify your market, niche, brand identity, goals, and business model. Discover your brand story--the clear, compelling message that speaks straight to your audience's heart.



Create design that communicates your story, visually expresses your brand, and is strategically engineered to build your business.


Web Copy

Write the words that connect with your ideal client, communicate your message, and position you as the trusted guide that you are.

develop into a


Translate design + copy into code so you have the online presence you need to draw in the people you’re meant to serve.

watcH your business


Repeat your message consistently and enjoy seeing clients arrive with more ease while revenue increases and you and your business thrive.


Strategic storytelling simplifies your marketing

To succeed in business, you need magnetic marketing tools that share a clear, compelling story that draws in the people you’re meant to serve.

“Having Kai & Michael's guidance got me where I needed to be, with a clear direction, and got me there efficiently.
It’s so valuable to have people that are really wise in their field helping you. Having the feedback is worth its weight in gold because I can question myself all day long and never get anything done, but with their skilled guidance I was able to take the idea and really flesh it out into a business model and bring it life.”
Amy Johnson, Founder, Conscious Co-parenting
Are you ready to draw in the people you’re meant to serve?

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